Each of us is unique and unrepeatable and our life experiences are personal; so it is facing them.


A psychologist is just an individual with whom to talk, to be listened by, without judgment, with the purpose of helping us find better ways to improve our existence. Martin Buber defined it as the "I and Thou" relationship, client-therapist, in all its phenomenological sense: to face reality without prejudices and pre-conceived ideas in order to try to see what reality is.


Therefore, I agree with each client a personalized approach depending on what she/he wishes to solve or needs to understand. Actually, quite often, what the client needs is to simply be listened to and accompanied in order to find her/his own responses. Living in another culture, communicating in another language, and interacting in a society different than one's own can be very stressful. Knowing that her/his reality is being understood can be everything for the client.


In my therapies i favor listening, empathy and reformulation and, depending on the case and if required, I use different techniques, among them: logo therapeutic (meaning of life-Viktor Frankl), cognitive behavioral, systemic, narrative and even the Adult Chair Model.