Hi! I am Adriana, polyglot, multi-cultural, Mexican and citizen of the world, ex-diplomat, ex-international staff. I have lived as Expats in many places, I translate languages, I translate emotions. I am passionate about the world and love what I do: connect with people's souls.


Eager to learn about the world, I lived in Jonquière, Québec, Austin, Texas as student, in London, England and Dublin, Ireland as a diplomat working for the Mexican Foreign Service, in Paris and St-Génis-Pouilly. France. and Geneva, Switzerland as international staff at the World Health Organization.



Adapting as an Expat to other cultures represents countless emotional challenges. Going through it with a mother with cancer, with the pain and anguish and all that a terminal disease entails, the guilt for being away from home, and the personal and emotional losses deriving from it in your every day live constitute a huge trial: often too difficult to deal by yourself.


My life fell into pieces. I needed help, but the only word I heard when my soul needed someone to talk to, somebody who wouldn't be afraid of my confusion, my pain, my anguish and my depression, was "Cheer-up!". I went back home defeated, shattered.


I found help and discovered my ability to be empathic and touch souls. I understood that I could connect with others who, like me at some point in time, lived away from home and needed someone to listen to them, to understand them and to help them find their own path in their journey.


So I became a clinical psychologist. Since then, I work with Expats -who I love to call international citizens-, listening to them and helping them face their fears, anxieties, sorrows, joys and build a better life for themselves wherever they are.


Online therapy is wonderful for this. It allows me to connect with another soul anywhere on this Earth; being fluent in English, Spanish and French provides me with infinite possibilities.

But above all, I love what I do.


So, if you are going through hard times and believe I can help you, please get in touch. I will be happy to meet you.