Adriana Pruneda was born in Mexico City. Since an early age, she showed a natural gift for languages, which was further encouraged by travels abroad. During senior high school, she spent a year as an exchange student in Jonquière, Québec, and a couple of years later she won a full-scholarship to the University of Texas at Austin, where she obtained a double major in Economics and German. She joined the Mexican Foreign Service in 1991 and served as Economic Attachée in the Embassies of Mexico in London and Dublin. Later on she worked as Assistant to the Manager of the Management Support Unit at the Non-Communicable Diseases and Mental Health Cluster at the World Health Organization in Geneva, and obtained a Masters in Business Administration from Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland.


A personal crisis took her back to Mexico City where she rejoined briefly the Mexican Foreign Service. However, searching for answers and a new path that would allow her to benefit from her natural gifts, she became a free-lance translator and continued making languages a part of her daily life. As part of this change, she finished a Diploma Degree in Thanatology by the Asociación Mexicana de Tanatología, A.C,  a Diploma Degree in Logotherapy by the Sociedad Mexicana de Análisis Existencial y Logoterapia, and a Specialization in Logotherapy by Casa Victor Frankl. Her experience with patients during her Logotherapy practice led her to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and a Specialization in Clinical Intervention in Adults and Groups; both degrees with Honors. She has a solid background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Couples Therapy, Behavioral Medicine and Family Therapy with a Gender Perspective.


Adriana’s fluency in English and French, and her experience both as a Diplomat and as an Ex-Pat make her particularly sensitive to the specific needs of these two populations; above all, the importance of being able to communicate and receive psychological and emotional support in one’s own language during situations of crisis and adaptation to a new form of life.


Currently, Adriana has a private practice where she sees Adults, Foreigners in Mexico and Patients with Chronic-Degenerative diseases, for whom finding a meaning to a disease and death and being able to share the fear, loneliness and grief that a disease may bring about for the family and the partner becomes imperative.


She also offers Therapy Online (Internet) to those who because of time constraints are unable to commute and to Spanish-speaking individuals abroad.  On her leisure time, she likes to read, cook, keep herself fit jogging and weight lifting, travel and spend time with her partner.




Av. Insurgentes Sur 1673, Despacho 605, Col. Guadalupe Inn, 01020 México, D.F.

Cel. 044 55 2658 2145






Fotografía:  Carlos Labastida Villegas

Diseño: José Eduardo Hernández Pruneda